The frog march that we are really anxious to see — the frog march of Karl Rove out of the White House — may take many more months.

In the meantime, I and the Better Half have been tracking a more local frog march, the “frog march” to Willimantic.

The frogs in this march are obviously not Rove (though someone did point out an odd resemblance, especially in the chin area). These are artists’ renditions of the Not-Yet-Famous Frog Bridge of Willimantic.

Now, Willimantic is about as poor as an old run down mill town in New England can be. But it’s got its frogs.

And until the real thing with Rove happens, we have been making do by tracking down the statues.

Photos compliments of Better Half.

More photos below.

Follow the frog prints

For this frog march, so that one doesn’t get lost on mainstreet (pretty hard as it is barely a mile stretch), the way is marked with frog stencils on the sidewalk. (My photo, difficult to mess up a shot of a sidewalk.)

The Frog Walk

By following the frog prints, one comes to just about every establishment in town, including the local artist cooperative.

The Granny Quilt Frog

I have probably bored everyone with the other three that we found, but for anyone who missed those and might possibly want to see them, they are here in this diary: Frog March for Booman.

We had to go by the real Frog Bridge with the real frog statues on our way home. Here are the two on the North side, sitting on their thread spools.

North end of Not-Yet-Famous Frog Bridge

..and stop once more by the Frog of the Spring, which may be my favorite. Though, come to think of it, I am beginning to see that Karl Rove resemblance about the chin.

Front view of the Frog of the Spring

Update [2005-8-19 10:34:9 by Cho]: Oh…my ePMedia buddies reminded me to say:

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