I’m listening to some very cool jazz on Northwest Public Radio out of Washington State University in Pullman, WA, where I spent several summers at high school music and debate camp … so hot I’d take three showers a day and change clothes as many times.

Such hot days in that dusty, eastern Washington state cow town. No air conditioning. Just heat and sweat and prayers for breezes at night. Reminds me of the heat in Crawford, where, to my amazement, I learn that “[l]ongtime diplomat Ann Wright is running Camp Casey.” Out there in the dust, the heat, with no air conditioning. And this woman has earned her dues:

Ann Wright spent 26 years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves. She was a diplomat in the State Department for 15 years before resigning in March 2003, protesting the then-impending invasion of Iraq.

She can speak up about the war in Iraq. She’s earned it. Amy Goodman is in Crawford, and interviewed Ann Wright today.

I’m going to find that Corona rattling around in Tracy’s car (if her husband didn’t drink it), switch off the jazz for a bit, kick back and listen to Ann Wright running “”Field Operations for Peace, Not War.”

Amy begins, “She was the Deputy Chief of Mission in Afghanistan, reopened the mission in 2001; the Deputy Chief of Mission in Mongolia. It was there just before the invasion [of Iraq] that Ann Wright said no and quit. …”

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