For nearly six decades, the unwritten, unspoken U.S. policy toward the Third World has been to bribe dictators, fix elections in those benighted lands, assassinate leaders who will not play ball with the U.S. While this was the real policy, our media were busy ‘prettifying'(Paul Krugman’s phrase) our policy giving it a gloss that it didn’t deserve, using the high flowing words from our own Constitution and paying lip service to Democracy and Freedom.

This is exactly what Frank Zappa talked about when he said that the facade of geniality will continue so long as it works to serve our purposes.When that stops working,the curtains will be parted and the brick wall behind the curtain will be revealed. That is what happened when Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez. Such talk in the olden days were carried out in hushed tones and whispers lest our true intentions become too obvious to our intended victims like Mossadegh, Arbenz,Lumumba and Allende and countless others.

In some ways, Pat Robertson’s honest statement reveals the murderous intent of our ruling class, their enormous sense of entitlement and their contempt for anything resembling rule of law.Come to think of it, that is why we fought a war against the Nazis.

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