I suppose it’s just me.  I’m overly sensitive….I know….what to do about it,,,,what to do about it?  Maybe a nice calming antidepressant, Xanax seems to work for Jeb’s daughter maybe it could for me too. I could always start smoking again too since it seems to help the Bush twins and Junior Mommy Bush (along with a good novel to submerse ones self into).  Man I have just had it though.

This did all start while I was in Crawford.  Friday the 12th, Cindy was quickly going over the newspaper that morning from Waco and I was looking over her shoulder (bad habit of mine).  There was a photo of her and it was titled Protester Cindy Sheehan.  It was taken at Camp Casey but what was so puzzling to me was that there were like 50 other people out there with her but the photo appeared to be cropped so only she was in the frame looking kind of like a lonely extremist without everybody else there who was standing with her.  It was weird!  I pointed it out and she just shrugged and nodded yes that that was how this is all being done.

Then there were the counter protesters.  The bus that stayed for thirty minutes on Friday night, and the counter protesters that stayed for two hours on Saturday afternoon.  What remained were like these five lonely stragglers that Supersoling posted a photo of. There were five other lonely stragglers at the Crawford trinket shop when I pulled out of town also and a camera crew across the street attempting to shoot them in such a fashion as to make them seem larger than life.

Now we have the “You Don’t Speak For Me Cindy” tour.  I have been hearing about this COUNTER PROTEST CARAVAN  since August 17, 2005.  I have been hearing about them and hearing about them and hearing about them.  CNN always has a moment to mention that the counter protest caravan is on its way.  Good Lord it has been on its way so long now…….when is it ever going to get there?  Cindy Sheehan has been camped out and a whole bunch of people have been totally camped out with her for how long?  And how much press time have they gotten?  Does it tally up in relation to dedication compared to the press that the Counter Protesters seem to get and their dedication to the protest?

When they get there will they also establish a camp of at least 100 to 200 semipermanent residents and will they be joined on the weekends by loads and loads of supporters off of work?  Or will they only show up for the photo op and depart shortly thereafter with all of their dedication and leave a hazy foggy skewed notion hanging out there in the mind of America that Cindy Sheehan is actively being counter protested….because really she isn’t and really hasn’t been to any REAL DAY BY DAY DEFINEABLE degree that I have known of?

People show up for the photo op but nobody seems to really mean it!  Nobody has camped out declaring that they aren’t leaving until the Unpatriotic Troop Murdering Sheehan leaves Crawford!  Nobody has declared their REAL TROOP SUPPORT in such a fashion in counter of Mrs. Sheehan and her supporter’s horrifying traitorous behavior.

I have had to listen to nine days of hogwash about a CARAVAN that is on its way.  WHAT THE FUCK EVERYBODY?  My husband says that it is CNN’s attempt to seem balanced and covering both sides.  What if there really isn’t much of an opposing side to cover though?  Should they be literally making one up just because people say they are the counter protest?  Doesn’t one really need to be protesting in order to be called a protester?  This charade frustrates me so much I’m about to throw the television set in the damn lake where it belongs.

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