here’s a line from a letter-to-the-editor in tomorrow’s Corvallis Gazette-Times:

“Perhaps if St. Cindy’s political opinions weren’t as extremely leftist and anti-Semitic.”

here we get the whole schmear, everything  the right-wing, swift-boating, wingnutty load ‘o’ crapola liars brigade is trying to dish out in the vain hope that cindy sheehan’s grief can be turned against her and the demolition of the progressive left can resume where they believe it left off on election day.  name-calling, distortions, and outright lies — all fed from the republican national committee and the rush limbaugh/billy o’reilly lie machines.

harry mallory, writer of that putrid line, is just another gutless brick in their wall.  fortunately, what cindy sheehan is doing is a good and honest thing.  she is being joined by other families suffering grief and fear; she is being joined by americans who’ve not suffered their losses but do share their grief and anger.  i am reminded of the mothers peace initiative of northern ireland from several years ago.  the horrible deaths of innocent children set in motion the ending of that terrible war; it did not happen immediately, but the outrage of ordinary mothers was the beginning of the end.  i think the outrage represented most visibly by cindy sheehan is the beginning of the end of bush’ stupid little war.  i certainly hope so.

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