(fair warning:  This is targeted to Kos folks, but with the crossover and similar styles, it’s relevant here, too.)

So there are lots of Seattle folks here, lurking or posting, and not all of you belong to our handy-dandy Seattle Kos Yahoo group.  (click the neato graphic below to join, if you’d like)

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Big ideas below the fold…
So we started chatting this weekend about maybe creating our own kos-esque blog for us Seattle Kossacks.  For the record, “Seattle Kossacks” is a generic term gathering up anyone in the northwest, most specifically Washington state, who frequents Kos.  We have lots of folks living outside Seattle; like Plutonium Page living in Belgium or some frickin’ place.  Seattle is nice and generic, and prevents confusion with those losers in DC.

Anyhoo, the idea is to provide a blog/website where we can write about local issues without getting lost in the shuffle as it’s so easy to do here, and where more progressive voices can join in with their own diaries and observations.  Think My Left Wing or Colorado Soapblox.  With luck, skill and hard work, it could be a central meeting point for Washington progressives to do some organizing or just vent about local douchebags in politics.

So the question before us today is ‘should we make our own blog?’.  I’ve already run a poll at the yahoo group, which overwhelmingly voted yes.  Should the results be the same here, we’ll move to the next question, of how to build it and host it, and then the important question of what to call it.  But those are all for another day.  Today, I just want your opinions on IF we should carve out our own space in the local blogosphere.  (I’m adding a question about naming just to get a baseline feel for how folks think of it)

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