Bush opened doors at the Abu Gharib brig,
Bent ears of the Sunni and Shiia bigwigs,
For his constitutional collusion,
He stands to reap a contusion,
That’s right folks, it’s now lipstick for this pig…

(four more after the fold)
Can America absorb this cesspool?
A million homeless and dwindling fuel?
A war on her platter,
An economy in tatters?
Blame George Bush for his continued misrule.

Three hours Russian Security flouted,
As Senators Lugar and Obama just pouted,
We’re left to surmise,
Maybe CIA Spies?
But don’t get Plamed for deep covers outed!

Seems the Pentagon had taken the notion,
On Saturday for a stealthy demotion.
This persecution of Bunny,
Smells ever more funny;
Cheney’s finger stirring up this sick potion?

`Tis fascinating, like father, like son,
Their lives and the way they were undone.
On extortion both fatted,
By lieutenants were ratted,
The Gottis and the webs that they spun…

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