AP photo taken onboard Air Force One as reported online at CNN. The link since, has disappeared.

“Dayam! Look out the winder, fellers. Musta been a big storm or somethin’. Lookey at all the water…!”

“I’d like a Happy Meal, Fries and a Coke – Super Sized! Whooo Wheee I’m the President! I’m loving it!”

Air Force One officials, again, looked on in disbelief as The President of the United States of America tried to order a happy meal from 2,700 feet.

Oooh a contest!!!!??? What can we win you ask???

Well, aside from some much needed de-stressing this afternoonie, if there is an actual winner declared, I suppose they can “win” whatever is left in the lint drawer of my dryer or what’s underneath the couch cushion that I’m too afraid to look under.  

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