It’s time to ask for help from your friends and neighbours Canada & Mexico.

Canada for one has well trained emergency response teams and military to help out… in a pinch we could send some Mounties too.

Mexico has an army who are used to dealing with disasters in the Gulf & could help.

Bush just needs to ask us… after the whole Iraq thing we’re still treading on thin ice and really don’t want to piss the cowboy off again… so he needs to ask.

He won’t though so here’s where you can help. Start writing your news outlets and ask for help from America’s friends. We understand people are suffering and dying and we will help. We would be happy to. We want to.

So you talk to your peeps down south and I’ll start writing to the PM up here and our newspapers… calling all Canucks… get on the horn!

Time is of the essence. Bush, show real courage and ASK FOR HELP FOR THE PEOPLE SUFFERING IN YOUR COUNTRY.

In absence of that… Kossacks, MLW’ers and Tribbers unite in our call for a sane and swift response.

Troops from around the country sent in NOW and help from us too.


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