Here we are getting ready to drive down from VA to the suburbs of Atlanta to do the final move-out on a house we expect to close on 9/9. Last night I read a diary on dKos by dbratl reporting on panic gas buying in Atlanta. This morning there are reports that the Gov. in NC is asking people to conserve because of shortages and that gas stations in TN are closing because they are sold out. Good Lord, folks! Is the rolling thunder of America’s interstates about to grind to a halt?!

I realize our dilemma pales in comparison to the hell Katrina survivors are going thru. So I’m certainly not asking for sympathy. Instead, I’d like this thread to be a pool of info on gas availability up and down the eastern US. Are the reports of shortages just rumor-mongering? Are there long lines where you live or does everything appear to be okay?

Bottom Line: Is there enough gas along I-85 for us to get to Atlanta and back?!

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