We need a comfort food thread … comfort for our tummies and our souls. Don’t we. It was cool yesterday so I bought free-range (always) eggs + a half-gallon of Silk vanilla soy + raisins. The teenage raccoons haven’t had my bread pudding yet. Nor have I for a while.

The recipe is in the warm recesses of my memories, and can be so easily improvised (with, say, grated orange peel). I cracked 8 eggs, poured in the soy and a half cup of sugar, and added dashes of cinammon, Madagascar vanilla and salt (don’t tell my doctor). I stirred it well, and put the raisins in to soak and soften. An hour later, I added a loaf of bread, roughly ripped, and poured it all into my generously buttered, ancient Le Creuset dutch oven. Into the oven with a pan of water (for steam). 350 degrees. 40 minutes. The knife was clean so out it came.

I’ve never seen the raccoons eat so fast. I heated it for b’fast with (shhhh!) butter. What’s your comfort food? Or, if it’s uncomfortable to talk about food when so many are hungry, how do you feed your own, and others’, souls?

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