I am emailing this letter to every one of the Kansas Senators and Representatives that supposedly represent me as members of the Kansas delegation to the US Senate and House of Representatives.  I urge all of you to take this letter and email, mail or fax it to your supposed representatives to somehow mitigate the financial burden that so many who have suffered devastation in this catastrophe on the Gulf Coast will undoubtedly feel.

Dear Senator

I am asking you to relieve some of the financial burden of the American citizens that have been so devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  I am imploring you to allow those individuals who have suffered catastrophic losses to be able to file for bankruptcy under the old rules in force before this hurricane wiped out their lives.

I am simply asking you to make sure that any money these people receive for their losses. is not allocated to their creditors who will receive first allocation of any funds these people may receive.  I ask this for the simple fact that so many of these people will have nothing if they do have to file bankruptcy.  

I remember when our great country prided itself on helping those who were less fortunate, a country that diligently offered assistance to those who were down and offered a hand up, not a hand out.  These American citizens have been devastated by a natural disaster that they had no control over and the current bankruptcy law as passed by Congress would in effect strip them of any assets they might have remaining, including any aid offered by our government.

This, it seems to me, would help those who’s lives have been completely annihilated by this disaster and allow them an opportunity to recover and rebuild their lives.  We as a nation have been, and my hope is that we shall always be, a nation that never forgets those people who through no fault of their own have had their lives shattered by such devastation.

Our nation will be stronger for this commitment to rendering help where it is needed and bringing much needed relief from the worries of whether or not they will have the ability to feed, clothe and provide shelter for themselves and their families.

I again ask that Congress initiate a bill to offer this much needed assistance to those millions of Americans who’s lives and ability to provide for themselves has been completely obliterated by this horrendous natural disaster.


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