The liberal hegemony
in the US
was born of
the greatest manmade
economic disaster
in the nation’s

The liberal hegemony
in the US
was cemented
by the largest
in the worlds

The liberal hegemony
in the US
was defeated
when the cost
became more
than the
wealthy formerly
liberal American
wished to bear

The conservative hegemony
in the US
was cemented
in the good times
of relative peace
and prosperity
for the educated
the advantaged
the former liberals
of whom we all
know many

The question
on my mind today
asks these
former liberals
outside the
disaster zone
who vote
for less
social services
“smaller” government
and huge budget deficits

so they are made
to bring more
junk into their lives

who will you
vote for
after the next
disaster rips
deeper through the illusion
of personal security
onto which you cling
as a life raft
on a floating sewer
of dead bodies and disease?

People see the failure
of the conservative hegemony
on display in New Orleans
the gulf coast
and Iraq

They will forget
soon enough
if the good times roll
again in the French Quarter
by next Mardi Gras
and the suffering
of the poor
has been
once again
hidden from view

They will not forget
if we indeed are
entering the era
of one crisis
after another

Please God
make them realize

we all need
each other
more than we need
each other

to act


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