Why when we look at the news feed of so called “rescue efforts” are there so few boats in the neighborhood streets of New Orleans rescuing people. Why aren’t the streets trafficked with hundreds of boats as cars normally traffic the streets?

Why aren’t there any divers? Divers going into the homes and searching for victims trapped in upper floor, even lower floor rooms with air bubbles?

What precisely is the condition of the water in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Are there oil spills and how many?

How many refineries have been damaged and destroyed? What is the impact of the refineries damage?

What is the impact of port damage?

What is going on in the Astro Dome in Houston? What are the rules and regulations for coming and going? Are the people free to leave or are they confined? Can they go for a walk on the outside?  What are they eating? What is the sanitation condition after 3 days?

What are the rules and regulations for freedom of movement in other areas where there are large concentrations of people?

Why are some people called “Contractors” Who are they? What are they doing? Who is paying them? When we hear contractors are being fired on, it is the same language used to describe the insurgency in Iraq toward American Contractors when they are being fired on. Who is releasing news reports about the incident where 6-8 people were killed? It is the government? And why is this language being used? Who are the “Gunmen who were killed?”

Is the government claiming that there is an insurgency in New Orleans of “gunman” who are killing contractors as they do in Iraq?

Where are the 200,000 (some reports) people in Baton Rouge being held? The population is expected to double there

Why are people being shipped to far away places like Colorado? Why are they not being placed in areas close to where they came from? Why are they being separated by long distances from each other? What is this so-called “Plan”? Is this similar to the kinds of movements in history where entire ethnic groups are shipped to various parts of a nation to break up their unity?

Why did Bush go golfing the day after seeing the devastations from Air Force One?

Where exactly were Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Mike Brown of Fema from Friday before the Hurricane Struck until the president arrived in New Orleans to “inspect the damage”? How many were on vacation and how many were at work and what were their schedules

Where is Dick Cheney? He has not been heard from. Is he physically ill?

If we can get answers to these questions a much clearer picture of what has happened and what will be happening will start to emerge.

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