Alternet PEEK editor Evan Derkacz writes that an Army Times article reads. “While some fight the insurgency in the city…” and thus we are perhaps treated to another insight into the slow response time and negligent preparations.”

As so many others have noted, if this were to happen to New England and thousands of white people were trapped, would the response have been so slow? Would gun-toting bandits be labeled “the insurgency”? (New Hampshire, the “live free or die” state, has a lotta guns…)

Xeni Jardin writes: “We are talking about fellow American citizens here — in America.”

“Not insurgents. Not refugees. Not enemies. Americans.” …

Man, I used the term insurgents as snarky satire the other day, and many people here were legitimately concerned. Who knew the Army Times would do it seriously? Thanks for the tip, Evan. OPEN THREAD:

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