Ah, the juxtaposition of the symbol of a great warrior’s heart next to a heartless bloodsucker … and the bust of the founder of our nation next to the founderer of our nation …

Note: O.I.L. stands for Oligarchs In League

A screen capture of the Veep’s Web site, Sept. 6, 2005. There isn’t a word about Katrina’s victims, or any report since mid-August.

A search of news stories finds this to be the sole top story on the Veep:

Cheney cancels Canada oil trip after hurricane
Reuters via Yahoo! News – Vice President Dick Cheney has canceled a planned trip to Canada’s main energy producing region [designed to give Cheney an insight into Alberta’s vast oil sands region, where steam is used to extract oil from oil-bearing rocks] because of Hurricane Katrina, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said on Sunday. … […]

Cheney had been due to visit Calgary, Alberta, on Thursday for a meeting with provincial and federal officials and then travel on Friday to Fort McMurray, center of the oil sands operations. Cheney’s office was not immediately available to comment.

Nor in that news story is there a statement from Cheney’s office about the Gulf tragedy — which appears to infer that the the V.P. office’s announcement of the trip’s cancellation didn’t include any expression of concern for Gulf victims.

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