Capacitors recharging in frenzy,
Kept flashes on our POTUS chimpanzee,
As he made with the glad hands,
With Gulf Coast suffering fans,
Hiding plans that were still pretty flimsy.

(Ten more after the fold)
Dub wants to quicken the pace,
To fill the Chief Justice space,
Slower or faster,
He’s a disaster,
Dear Leader, such a disgrace…

Waters receding to Lake Pontchartrain
Bridges destroyed on Iraqi flood plains.
Can the yellow elephants,
Now fight a war on two fronts,
Or just continue their swirl down the drain?

Steven Soderbergh gave his latest spin,
That Reality TV’s pretty thin.
Will his new film called “Bubble”,
Just resort in more trouble,
As Hollywood’s reality sets in?

While Dub’s still riding his bike,
Minions will hog all the mikes.
The little “Dutch” boys,
Will use all their ploys,
To claim that THEY plugged the dikes…


Secretary of State Donald Rummy,
Made Katrina survivors feel crummy,
Noted shunner of the Hague,
Treated folks like they had plague,
Behavior that would just stun your mummy…

A Moscow man took to bed,
Ignored the train overhead,
His drunken stupor,
Turned out quite super,
Slept through bloodshed; kept his head…

There’s news of a typhoon name of Nabi,
Bearing down on Japan’s Nagasaki.
Global warming has insured,
Our Cajun beating endured,
Is small taste of a worldwide Wasabi…

With the death yesterday of judge Rehnquist,
Bush can give the high courts a brand new twist,
If there’s one thing we’ve all learned,
He doesn’t care who gets burned,
Dub is never a power relinquist…

America is stunned by the starkness,
Of the dikes giving way under snark-fest,
With a flood of new glowers,
The White House has lost power,
A Presidency’s plunged into “dork-ness”.

Limerick scan as an issue’s now dregs,
All you purists for adherence who beg.
When polled, half of the readers,
Enjoyed best, all the cheaters,
So 10-10-7-7-10 has legs…

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