Where the hell are all of our “Security Dems” and left-wing “Military Hawks”?

There is only one TRUTH in this whole fiasco:

Republicans can not Keep America safe

The GOP won the 2004 presidency and the swept the COngress on the fact that they were “trigger-happy”… it is a shame that their bluster has no relevance to actual threats to the US and Americans… but only to the vested interest ie Oil

Katrina shows clearly, that this adminstration has absolutly NO INTENTION on keeping Americans safe

Even the most ardent GOPer fluffers like Brooks and Russert can see that… why aren’t the “Security Democrats” and the left-wing “military Hawks” talking about American Security???

“Batman” aka Al From and his “Robin” aka Simon Rosenberg are trying to promote any candidate that has worn a uniform since WWII…(even Republicans ie Massa). Why are they not telling the truth that:

Trigger-Happiness…does NOT equal a National Security Plan.

This is even evident to all the “Security Moms”, and wingnuts who voted for Bush because 9/11 scared the shit out of them and they wanted a “Bad Motherfucker” in charge who wasn’t bashful about going “Mid-evil” on some terrorists ass…

LIEberman was outraged when Dean called DHS on the use of “Security Alerts” as political… and they were.

Thousands of people have died this past week (some estimate say 10 time the amount of 9/11), 1.5 million were made homeless and a landmass the size of Great Britain (or the size of a nuclear attack) lay in ruins and the “Security Alert” never moved up from YELLOW… so what does that tell you. This adminstration has no clue on how to keep Americans safe… and really could not give a shit as illustrated in their actions on the first three days of this catatrophe.

What was the “National Security” response… “Shoot at it” and kill the story

It is the SECURITY…Stupid

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