This dkos diary links to a reuter’s aritcle that is reporting that pictures or video of the dead will not be allowed. This censorship is being staged by FEMA.

The news media is already censoring pictures and video of the dead to a certain extent. Although the media has allowed America to finally view the death and destruction from failed policies and criminally negligent decisions, the self-censorship continues, in my view. I have heard reporters talking about floating bodies, but I have seen only one bloating body in the water. Has anyone else seen any bodies in the water?

There are quite possibly hundreds of bodies visible in the water, but we have had virtually no media documentation of this.

Apparently, the news media is taking matters in their own hands to spare Americans from the horrow of bloated bodies. We have also been spared from the horrors of American and Iraqi dead in Iraq, and of, for the most part, pictures of the caskets of American dead.

I had dinner with a couple from a small town near New Orleans the other night, and they and their teenage daughter expressed the view that pictures and video of the dead would be disrespectful somehow.

This echoes a largely complacent public that has given this administration a pass in regards to its censorship of war coverage and pictures.

Pictures of bloated bodies floating in New Orleans fetid waters might be the last straw for those clinging to their support for this administration.

Pictures of the dead would be further document the criminal negligence of FEMA, and this administration.

As I said before, I pray this now City of the Dead does not become the City of the Disappearing Dead.

I was encouraged by an interview with a Dr. Louis Catalfa on CNN yesterday, not sure I spelled his name correctly, who said each body would be preserved for later identification. He said this in response to a question by a reporter as to the possibility of mass graves.

This doctor said each body would be treated with respect and dignity. I’m not sure of his relationship to the decision making in this regard, but any bit of good news on this issue is encouraging.

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