The Veep went down to witness the soup,
Talking to Brown, he fell into the goop,
Crawling out, he mutated,
Black heart, invigorated,
The swamp thing now stalking `round is the scoop.

(Four more after the fold!)

Mrs. Merkel, now left open to slimers,
Stole from Reagan her speech making primers.
Now the “Great Communicator”,
oder “Grossartige Redner”?
Maybe SHE should be checked for Alzheimer’s…

From Tal Afar, a motley collection,
Of those opposed to US prefection,
With two hundred arrested,
Are insurgents now bested,
With swayed constitutional selection?

Schwarzenegger says he’ll veto gay marriage,
Saying the will of the people’s disparaged,
Governor Hummer has run,
From some supporters he’s stunned,
He should mark the fence POSTS with this carriage…

It’s the fifteenth named storm of the season,
Perhaps named Ophelia for a reason?
Drowning’s the fate many met,
With US plunged into debt,
From Bush/FEMA malfeasance and treason.

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