Ground Zero survivors gypped,
While others, huge loans were slipped.
Why the emoting?
They’re just promoting,

(four more after the fold)
BS this Brown resume,
More like a roll in the hay.
Carefully vetted,
Or Dub indebted,
Results: New Orleans doomsday.

Colin weighs into the fray
“Blame Game” he seeks to defray,
Declining four star,
To Hurricane Czar,
Distracts the racial waylay.

This from a new AP poll,
Folks vote to fill in the hole.
New Orleans rebuilt,
On hills not of silt,
No more beignets on the shoals…

Discharged today, Jaques Chirac,
After a week off the clock.
It could be a lie,
Concern for his eye,
Covering up ticker shocks.

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