I have felt desperation and despair for many days now as I have watched the incompetence and immorality of the current administration.

It’s callous disregard for the American citizens that have died and suffered due only to the fact that they were poor and for the most part black, for the first time caused me great shame and heartache for my country.

I have ranted in at least one diary, insulted someone I respect and made an effort to apologize for that hurt.

I wrote what you will read below to help others understand what I feel and what I see will happen for our once great nation.

If I have caused anyone else pain or anguish because of my anger and anguish over the destruction I feel of my once great nation, I extend to you my deepest and sincerest apologies for that pain.

Mitakuye Oyasin!–We are all related!



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My country once was a place,
America land of the free
And beauty once had a face
Freedom like the living tree
Life once had a meaning
Honesty, integrity, truth
And once I was safe within it’s gleaming.
Once there was freedom not uncouth
And once I felt that I could laugh.
Happiness once was alive
And once I felt we were not divided in half
I was part of a country that was alive
I believed I was a part inside
Once I felt I fit in this great place
So quickly it feels like it has died
Her grace so great and full of grace
Her beauty seemingly so vast
All I ever wanted was a safe place to stay
Now it appears that it will not last
It appears to be going away
Fate maybe had another plan
And I was not privy to its sway
Shall we really lose our land?
It feels like it’s all died away
Happiness, joy, love all seem lost
Now I walk alone in this dark, darkness
With little light to guide me in this frost
Yet out of this darkness
I perceive a soft glow of hope
Knowing that even as the darkness glistens
There will be hearts that will cope
And finally the people will listen
The truth shall win through this night
Wiping away the destroyers of our freedom
Seek not the ways of those who deny right
America I believe will once again gain it’s freedom
Those that seek to destroy her will soon see our might
That real American’s are ready to stand up against wrong
To help our fellow man in all ways has been remiss
Soon the battle shall be joined by many in the throng
We shall never allow our country to fall into the abyss.

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