Yesterday on CNN, Nancy Pelosi got a knockout shot in at CNN talking barbie doll Kyra Phillips.A single shot that may knockout the entire MSM propaganda network. While being interviewed in the partisan framed manner we’ve become all to accustomed to, Ms. Pelosi did what we’ve been waiting for someone to do when she said, “Kyra, if you want to make a case for the White House, you should go on their payroll.”

If you watch this, you will notice Kyra’s facial expression as her eyes pop wide open.  Her tone of voice changes as she recoils back slightly and gives a very nervous smile.
Later in the interview,  Kyra once again denies that she “or any other CNN employee” is a paid hack a bit to emphatecly, and veers into exaggerated personal disdain for the way the White House handeld the hurricane.

If you view for yourself, and you agree with me, I’d suggest writing CNN and voice your suspicions. Throwing the “or any other CNN” employee” would be helpfull as well. Some kind of investigation could answer this question of her priorities. It is possible that Ms Pelosi has found another Armstrong Williams, which would be a victory for the good guys. It is a public outing of the Rovian propaganda matrix, one that will carry over to all other talking heads in the 24 hour.

Even if  Kyra Phillips is innocent.

See, the way I look at it is like this. If Kyra is not a paid hack, the body language says something else. If you think back a month or two, you’ll remember that Bob Novak, against his lawyer’s advice, wrote a response addressing his involvement in the Valerie Plame incident. (  ) It appears that poor Novak’s feelings were hurt, and he was extremely self conscious about having his integrity questioned by his peers, in addition to the many people he had pissed off over the years. This looks like a pattern here. With Fox News, Jeff Gannon, Judith Miller, ect. the MSM is being dismissed by the public. Here in the liberal blogosphere we get more hits on any given day than any  24 hour news station has vewiers during prime time, the only MSM figure who gets any respect is Keith Olbermann. Every other talking head in the buissiness must be nervous as hell. With falling ratings, they are worried about their relevence.

When the Right first began building their propaganda matrix, they started by pushing the theory of a Liberal media bias. Prehaps there really was one at one time, or mabey they just saw it that way. Regardless, over time they were abel to subdue the press by stigmatizing them to the point where the MSM became self-conscious and overcompensated. “LIberal media bias” became the all purpose excuse for any criticism.This coincided with unleashing their own right wing hacks, and eventually, bribery of reporters and collumests. Add to all this the pattern of all mass media to imatate whatever new formula shows any success, and you get the sad joke of a press we see today.

As the public sees through this, the people in the MSM are very worried about their own careers. With so few figures respected these days, they are all desperate for something to gain credibility. I don’t know who will manage to do so, but I do know this: no one wants to lose anymore than they already have.  

Nancy Pelosi may have information on Phillips I’m not aware of, or mabey she just had enough of the bullshit. Either way she has exposed their Achilles’ heel. The hacks do not want to be exposed, and the honest do not want to be labeled as hacks. Where as the “Liberal Media” started as theory and evolved into a talking point, Right wing propaganda and paid disinformation from the right is a proven fact. If they can subdue the press with smoke and mirrors, imagine what we can do with the real deal. If a reporter is worried of being labeled as a member of a liberal media that dose not exist, they’ve gotta be scaired shittless of being labeled or exposed as part of a very real and unscrupulous lie factory.
From now on the left has to call any hint of bias “White House propaganda”. No reporter’s credibility can handel that.

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