Sowing fear and panic is exactly what the terrorists on 9/11/01 wanted to do. But it’s been four years now and there’s no longer an excuse to continue to be their victims. When you get hurt you bury the dead and then you rise up above it and continue to live your lives without fear – otherwise the terrorists won. The people of Madrid and London and Beslan have all done this, so why can’t my fellow Americans? Why are we quaking in our boots? Why are we letting fear run our lives? Why do we continue to support a government which has failed to yet admit to a single failure for anything? Every single government and leader makes mistakes, even the ones whom I’ve admired and liked the most. When the leaders fail in a democracy, it’s the people’s job to reprimand them and hold them accountable so that future mistakes aren’t made under a shield of impunity. Yet that’s just what happened and it sickens me to think that millions of my fellow Americans have turned into craven cowards because they refuse to stop letting fear rule their hearts.

I for one hold the government of my country responsible, but far more than that I hold the people of the United States responsible. The people are ultimate head of state and it’s up to them to hold their government accountable. It’s up to them to stand up for what’s right and not let people get away with failing to protect them. Obviously many of my fellow Americans have stood up, like my hero Rosa Parks, and said “this is not right”. But there are so many more who haven’t, and it brings tears to my eyes that so many haven’t. Where are the patriots? Have they all disappeared in the sands of history? Are there no more people brave enough to refuse to let the terrorists move them to the back of the bus?

Read the whole thing. You won’t regret it.

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