Even the enormous tragedy of New Orleans is now being turned to Bush’s political advantage by making him appear to be a concerned, sympathetic person after the fact.The large number of photo ops designed to tug at our heartstrings has only one purpose— to cast Bush in a sympathetic light with the vast majority of Americans who are turned off by all his intentional policy failures.

Now the drum beat will begin to reverse the perceptions of Bush as a cold hearted, bloodthirsty frat boy and start the new talk about how Bush was let down by his subordinates.He will also be shown to be a take-charge leader who will make New Orleans whole again.

All of these only go to show how gullible the American people have been, being taken in by conmen of all stripes.That is only possible in a society that attaches too much significance to maintaining appearances.Even at this late stage, after New Orleans, many find it difficult to grasp that Bush is less than zero, a hollow human being and all his pretenses of being sympathetic towards his fellow human beings is a sham designed to rehabilitate his image.

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