I thought I’d check how the hearings were going in Freeperland:

“Spector should have been axed a year ago. He’s showing his true colors – pro-abortion colors. Shame on the republicans for leaving him in this key position. This will cost to GOP much much fundraising monies.”

“Specter is a shameless liar.”

“Oh, no, Roe might be a “super, duper precedent.” Specter, you are an idiot. If a decision leads to killing babies, it just must be more important than any other.”

“Specter said he wouldn’t ASK Roberts about Roe v Wade, but he never promised to not hold up a five foot blue board regarding the case.”

“I had no idea that Spector enjoyed killing babies so much. He wants to make sure nobody interferes with his apparent favorite activity.”

“Did Ted Kennedy cast his demonic soul into Specter’s body this morning? Specter is an ass.”

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