What is more fetid than the waters flooding New Orleans? Stick your toe into the thread over at Dkos under booman’s diary, and you have your answer.

Meanwhile, back in Louisiana:
The huddled masses are gathered in shelters, sleeping in their cars on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, sleeping in the Motel Sixes all over the state, some of them wondering just what this “internet” is, according to one dkos diary, that they are supposed to go to to apply for FEMA assistance.

They won’t hear about, be concerned about, or care about this inner-party quarrel raging on a blog near you.

The flood waters aren’t even drained from New Orleans yet and already attention has turned to the Party apparatus that never gave a rat’s ass for most of the black faces anyway, you know, the ones we watched dying a slow death of dehydration and human neglect on CNN two weeks ago.

Desperate they are and have been, even as a democratic president named Bill Clinton severed the safety net and eliminated welfare as we know it, sending many to fall between the cracks.

And the masses have gathered wherever they can, having been flooded out of their city, out of their homes by an inept federal government that for decades ignored our cries for help in restoring our wetlands, America’s wetlands.

Where were the parties when we asked for help with this? When democrats controlled both houses of Congress, the issue wasn’t solved. When republicans controlled both houses, the issue wasn’t solved.

Meanwhile, back in your inner city neighborhood, party politics is something that comes to the neighborhood every four years when the democrats remember their “base”.

In-between elections its business as usual: corporate interest. Screw the poor. Screw the middle class.

Let them eat the hearing on John Roberts, who will represent a supreme court so far removed from the plight of the working poor in this country that issues concerning them aren’t even asked during the “hearing” for the next chief justice, and we watch as though there really is a question as to how the corporate owned congress will vote on Roberts.

If you asked an evacuee from the 9th ward as to whether NARAL or LBGT groups should have a say in party politics, you might get that if looks could kill look that I got convasing last spring in the Iberville Housing Complex, encouraging people to vote. “You know what happened in the last election”, was the response I got.

They know they are forgotten, they know no one really cares about their plight, they know that when the headlines move on to other more compelling stories, like they already are, they know they will be left on their own as they have been, well, possibly throughout the history of our american government.

Party politics? Don’t ask me for a handout. My pockets are turned out and my attention turned elsewhere, which probably means you may not even see or hear me. I’m invisible, in an invisible world, like the forgotten ones.

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