And I am not talking about the UN World Summit, which itself should offer some fireworks.

No; on my way to work this morning I saw a little notice in the free morning paper that there would be a debate on the Iraq war tonight at Baruch.  Looked it up and found the link.
Christopher Hitchens and George Galloway, moderated by Amy Goodman.  I anticipate that this will be quite a session.  Recall last time these two met:

When the anti-war Respect MP for Bethnal Green visited Washington earlier this summer to deliver a lecture on Iraq to a gobsmacked Senate and to denounce allegations made against him by Republican senators, he briefly exchanged verbal fisticuffs with the pro-war Hitchens, and accused him of being a “drink-sodden former Trotskyist popinjay”.

That, of course, was last May when Galloway came to Senator ‘UN-killer’ Norm Coleman’s hearings on the Oil-for-food programme.  It’s well worth revisiting the smack-down that Galloway gave the committee.  Here’s the old Crooks & Liars link to his testimony.  It still gives me goose bumps to listen to.  This is a guy that does not take any BS.
A couple of choice quotes:

# “Senator [Norm Coleman, committee chairman], this is the mother of all smoke screens. You are trying to divert attention from the crimes that you supported from the theft of billions of dollars of Iraq’s wealth.”
# “You have nothing on me Senator [Coleman], except my name on lists of names in Iraq, many of which were drawn up after the installation of your puppet government in Iraq.”
# “Senator [Coleman], in everything I said about Iraq I turned out to be right and you turned out to be wrong and 100,000 have paid with their lives, 1,600 of them American soldiers sent to their deaths on a pack of lies.”

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