That, in essence, is the message that the Reagan-Bush Revolution has been sending for the past twenty odd years.The entire edifice of the Federal Government has been dismantled because it was tarred as a vehicle for the “favored” treatment of blacks and chicanos and/or Latinos. The white power establishment which has seen its privileged position eroded by the assault of Asian corporations has used the device of divide and conquer to secure tax cuts to entrench itself in power;the middle class seeing itself in peril has become apathetic;and the lower income whites have been recruited into this war on the colored through the age old ruse of racism.In this mix, the religious fundamentalists have thrown in their hat to incite their followers with faith based racist slogans.Some of the richer jews, who should know better, have sided with these racists because they are worried that blacks will ally themselves with the Palestinians.

All this shows that the original premise of our Bill of Rights was high sounding but cannot match the power of racism.Bush is the lead horseman of the time when we can see an amendment to the Bill of Rights repudiating the statement at the top of this post.

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