Man I wish we had Clinton’s surplus right now. Bush wants the political pat on the back for rebuilding the gulf coast. But wants the children of the people he is helping to pay for it. His debt is now officially off the hook. If the bastard had funded the Army Corps of Engineers properly he could have saved 200 billion by investing 200 million on levees. Maybe 12 billion more on wetland preservation. Why must our children and grandchildren pay for this assholes mistakes. Now I understand how he has run his companies into the ground. The money has to come from somewhere you goddamn dimwit. Hello, taxes are how the government makes money to deal with disasters.

He ignores peoples pleas for help and then three weeks later throws 200 billion at their corpses. He ignores warnings about hijackings then throws 100 billion a year into a country that had nothing to do with the terror attacks. He’s fucking insane. At least the people will get some help. Not as much help as Halliburton is about to get but its help.

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