Karl Rove has been put in charge of the reconstruction effort for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Karl Rove operates everything as political patronage. This from Josh Marshall.

Graft and corruption can be expected to run amok. As soon as Democrats regain one of the houses of the Legislature we need to plan on an investigation of profiteering. Then we will need to expand the federal prison system a bit.
Of course, the White House doesn’t understand what the project is, what is needed to accomplish it, or what government really needs to do. Karl Rove is an election strategist, for Christ’s sake, not a bureaucrat! Here is Josh Marshall’s comment on the idiocy of placing Rove in charge. (He is more polite about it than I am.) This is a key quote:

Then there’s the president’s great line from the speech: “It is now clear that a challenge on this scale requires greater federal authority and a broader role for the armed forces.”

No, it’s not. Actually, every actual fact that’s surfaced in the last two weeks points to just the opposite conclusion. There was no lack of federal authority to handle the situation. There was faulty organization, poor coordination and incompetence.

Show me the instance where the federal government was prevented from doing anything that needed to be done because it lacked the requisite authority.

When you want to see pure stupidity in action, ask a conservative Republican to set up a government project.

They will not have a clue what to do or how to do it, and they won’t have the curiosity to find out.

That’s three disasters to hit the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. First Katrina, then the incompetence of the FEMA response, and now the third will be the “reconstruction effort” (read that as “institutionalized graft”) run by Karl Rove.

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