This blogger speaks for me:

I’ve had it with the pontificators, the pundits, the ignorant and worst of all those that know better and allow complacency and fear stop them from taking action. I’m tired of being negative. I {am}  sick of wasting my energy, my thoughts and my words on those people and things not worthy of my attention. I want to talk, think and do those things that lead to human excellence

The Indy Voice

For months (almost a year) I have been ranting and raging at DailyKos and BoomanTribune and ‘like minded’ human beings (or so I thought) attacked, argued  ignored and fought me many times. My soul can’t take no more.

It is time for me to search within for the Human Excellence that I know resides in me. I find so little of it around me in others these days.

Aside from Cindy Sheehan, Howard Dean, John Conyers and a very few others, the majority of the chatterers on both sides need to Shut Up or Put Up!

I am almost totally deaf now due to an auto-immune disease and I never thought I’d welcome the silence, but I have heard enough BS to last me a life time, from both sides.  “Actions speak louder than words.”

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