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Being a spiritual, but not a religious person, (and please don’t offer to set me on the right path), it has always confounded me when I hear people attribute their survival in a disaster to the “Grace of God”. Now if that were true, why would He have put their sorry ass in peril in the first place? And fuck those other dead heathens… they were obviously gettin’ jiggy out of wedlock or eating pork rinds on Friday… right?

Now as much as I would love to sport a Jesus fish on my family tank, the idea of organized religion and an intelligent “Supreme Being” has never held much allure for me. Maybe its because I’m gay and the Big Guy hates me anyway, (or so I’m told… which I don’t understand because I anoint myself with oils every chance I get). Anyway, I’ve just always leaned much more towards a natural, binding “Star Wars” type force than the grey-coiffed “grouch-on-a-cloud” throwing lightning bolts. Besides, the clergy has cooler titles… think about it, would you rather be called an Abbott or a Jedi Master?

Anyway, like a shepherd who’s lost his way… I digress.
So being creed-challenged but morally undefiled, (well, maybe not entirely), I find it particularly offensive that Judeo-Christian wingnuts have chosen to label Hurricane Katrina “God’s wrath on liberals and homosexuals”, (singling gays out because homosexuals are a much greater threat to mankind than, you know, your average vanilla liberal).  Besides, its much more likely that Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are God’s wrath on liberals and homosexuals.

And so if that’s the rationale… that God sends hurricanes to destroy the sins of the transgressors, then I guess God has not only abandoned, but bitchslapped Bush on His way out the White House door. Think about it, this was the president appointed by God on High to lead a Christian Nation towards fulfilling His holy agenda. But Katrina has left the treasury sacked, his party disparaging him, his agenda in ruins, and the American people forsaking him, (while being helped out of bondage by a humble prophet named Cindy Sheehan).

And so here we are… wandering the desert until the hope of a Clark Administration leads us to the promised land. How do we survive? How do we smite our enemies if His holiness, Imperial Majesty George II, has been forsaken? Well, perhaps the smiting of enemies is not our only solution…

You’ve all heard Bush’s rallying cry… “They hate us for our freedom”. Well, I would argue that they hate us because we’re ruled by Republicans, and arrogance, lying, hypocrisy and the killing of innocents are among Islam’s greatest sins.

So maybe it’s time we chose another path…

[Editor’s Note] Some who have read it seem to have completely misunderstood this diary. Please note that I am not stating that God actually sent a hurricane to destroy Bush. If thats what you think than you might want to reread the diary, (you’ll see that I don’t particularly believe that there is an intelligent Supreme Being that could send hurricanes anywhere). My point, through satire, is to dispel the looney wingnut rationale that God, if He exists, would send a hurricane to destroy anything.

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