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And to any other liberals, Greens, progressives, disgruntled Republicans and what have you:

As most of you know by now, an anti-war, anti-Bush administration rally (and in all honesty, is there any difference at this point between the two?) is being held on the National Mall on Saturday, September 24, 2005.  Many people are coming from all across the country to be there and raise our voices, and show our faces, in protest of this atrocity of a President.  

We’re going to clog up your local streets, tie up traffic on the Beltway, crowd the Metro and generally, though unintentionally, cause a nuisance of ourselves as we make our way into downtown on Saturday morning.

And we’d really like you to join us.

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I know, I know.  You have plans for the weekend already.  You have a tee time at the local club with your buddies, or a tennis date with that cute guy from work.  Your kids have soccer or football games or cheerleading practice.  The lawn needs mowing, the bedroom needs painting, the garage needs cleaning.  Maybe you’re going on a picnic, or to the movies, or just plan to watch your alma mater on TV try not to lose to Big Bad State U this year.

Maybe you just want to avoid trying to get downtown to the Mall merely risk being hassled by cops, having your picture taken by clean shaven short haired young men in shades, and strain to listen to Cindy Sheehan from half a mile away when you could hear the whole speech on C-Span from the safety of your comfortable couch.

All I can say to that is please, please show up anyway.  

Yes, lot’s of folks will be going already, and you’ll be just one more body, but the only way that this event can really become MASSIVE (as advertised) is if you make the commitment to join us.

Yes, it’s true that one protest won’t end the war in Iraq or throw Bush out of office, but if it’s large enough I truly believe it will capture the attention of the Media and the American Public and lay the groundwork for an electoral victory to reclaim Congress in 2006.

And aren’t you tired of being bullied by Republicans and Conservatives?  Tired of being called traitors (and worse) for expressing any opinion but undying affection for “The Worst President Ever?”  Tired of listening to your wingnut relatives or that jerk at the office rail against “Libruls?” Tired of all the “Support the Troops” propaganda screaming at you from the yellow beribboned bumpers of chickenhawk SUV’s?

Don’t you think it would make you feel GREAT! to march with an ocean of fellow progressives, chanting in unison their opposition to Government by Ineptitude?  Personally, I think it would do our collective soul good to join together on Saturday and with one voice let Bush and the Neocon Criminal Conspiracy know that we are going to take back our country, starting now.

Besides, c’mon.  How can you pass up the chance to meet Mary Fucking Scott O’Connor in person?

My son and I will hopefully see you there.  In HUGE numbers.

Hey, better to dream big, right?

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