(Anybody have any good spanking photos?) From Pre$$titutes, via Salon‘s Daou Report:

“The Note” Gets A Well-Deserved Blog Spanking
    ABC’s political tipsheet The Note is a stinking repository of Bush-licking Pre$$titution. In our previous post, Josh Marshall called The Note "dumb as a door post." We couldn’t agree more. Now Digby weighs in with this gem of a description: "The Karl Rove official fan club and fluffing society, otherwise known as The Note."

    And Atrios adds the finishing touch: "Most of the time I allow myself to pretend that the people who write The Note are just typical members of the Beltway press with their heads lodged firmly up their own asses. But today they write something which makes it impossible to not realize that they are deliberately full of shit.”

Ouch!  That stings!  . . .   O P E N   T H R E A D :

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