I’m back home from D.C. Not happy to discover Soj has been outed by some jackass who couldn’t respect her privacy. I haven’t had the time to write about this as eloquently as k/o. Right now I just find it extremely irritating and unfortunate.

It’s a jarring contrast to the situation down in Washington, where people were outing themselves to each other with great glee and abandon. Yet, as Ductape likes to remind us, we should be careful about protecting our privacy, and we should respect each other’s wishes about maintaining anonymity.

Soj made it very clear that she wanted her identity to remain a secret, and I have never asked her for any personal information. Why someone felt it was necessary to dig into her personal affairs, I have no idea. But it will be a great loss to the blogosphere if she closes down her site and stops sharing her voice with us. It’s an even bigger loss to her. She was pursuing a dream…blogging is what she wanted to do. And someone has attempted to ruin it for their own twisted and selfish reasons.

I don’t know why the world is filled with so many bad people that do bad things. But it is. And I guess our job is to try to make up for them. I hope Soj can find a way to continue redeeming the world from the sins of others and making it a place that is just a little bit more tolerable to live in.

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