Hey! I’m stealing some time on my brother’s computer. I had a really fun time over the last two days. I met lots of tribbers, all of whom are even more impressive in real life than they are online. Damnit Janit had mercy on me last night and arranged for me to stay in a room at the Holiday Inn rather than negotiate a complicated cross-town taxi drive in my inebriated and celebratory mood.

Of course, since the room in question belonged to Military Tracy, when she checked in at 2 am she found a strange man lying on the floor in front of the television set…sound asleep.

No worries…she has the incriminating photos to prove it. I also spent a lot of time with Cabin Girl and her totally awesome sons. Supersoling trecked around with us today, and I have a good NYC affinity for him. Super cool guy. Brother Feldspar was great. He’s a really nice guy and a great guide to all things DC. All his planning paid off really well.

MLK19569 is a really nice woman who I was really happy to get to know. She had a lot of enthusiasm for everything that was going on.

I met Maryscott O’Connor, who lives up to her reputation, but I also met her husband Adam. Adam and I spent a lot of time together Friday night, and MSOC is one lucky gal to have a husband like Adam. He’s a really interesting cool guy.

I ran into a lot of other Tribbers and Kossacks. I met teacherken, he’s a lot of fun. I met StevenD, but didn’t have too much time to talk to him.

I can’t name everyone because I will inevitably forget someone. But it was a good feeling to match user names to faces and to chat with folks and share our frustrations with the fate of our nation. I learned that BostonJoe in neither from Boston, nor named Joe. I had a good time with a few other Tribbers whose names are escaping me at the moment…you know who you are.

So what that the press won’t cover it, we came and said our piece and made some connections, and had a good time doing it. And best of all, Susan held down the fort and was her usual awesome self in my absence.

Update [2005-9-25 1:2:54 by BooMan]: special thanks to salunga…you know why…

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