Like me, you all love Moscow Times columnist Chris Floyd’s writings — “High Crimes and Low Humor in the Imperium.” This time, he’s interviewed:

Katrina Wilcox: Given the chance to address Congress and the administration, what would you say to them?

Chris Floyd: I wouldn’t say anything to them. The Bush Faction are not people who are going to be moved by soaring words into changing their position. There’s no point in “speaking truth to power” with them. They are utter cynics. They know what the truth is; they know very well what they are doing to American society. And they don’t give a damn. It’s what they came to Washington to do. If they could be moved by appeals to reason, compassion, principle, logic or genuine patriotism, they wouldn’t be where they are in the first place. Anyone among them who might respond to anything like that has already been weeded out long ago. I wouldn’t waste my breath on any of them. …

Then Chris paused. “No wait, that’s not completely true.” He paused again, then continued, “I would say one thing to them, a single question:”

“If we gave you, say, $200 billion in cold hard cash, would you all just go away and leave us alone?”

As for Congress, Chris said, “[W]hat could you possibly say to them? You could only repeat what the Emperor Tiberius said about the Roman Senate, after watching them spend yet another session bowing and scraping obsequiously before him: ‘Men fit to be slaves‘.”

Now, a “rant joke” from Real History Lisa:

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.
   He concludes by saying: “Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed.”

   “OH NO!” the president exclaims. “That’s terrible!”

   His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits, head in hands.

Finally, the president looks up and asks, “Just how many is a brazillion?”

BELOW, via Howie in Seattle, a rant against the FLOOD of coverage on Katrina and Rita, with nary a glance at other critical stories:

Sunday, Sept. 25, 2005 – NEW YORK – Quite the week, eh?

  • About 150,000 Americans rallied yesterday in Washington against the Iraq quagmire.

  • A decorated Army officer has revealed sickening new details about the torture of military detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Bill Frist is up to his kitten-killing eyeballs in an insider trading scandal involving stock in a family-owned business that was supposed to be in a blind trust.

  • David Hossein Safavian, the top Executive Branch procurement official until he resigned last week, has been arrested as part of a probe into the dirty dealings of king of sleazy lobbyists Jack Abramoff — a probe that threatens other leading Republican players as it expands.

  • Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said Monday that there is a climate of fear running through newsrooms stronger than he has ever seen in his more than four-decade career.

  • An administration insider told ultra-right-wing rag American Spectator that Bush’s regime is “sunk.”

  • And Bush has been hitting the bottle again, according to the National Enquirer.

So with all of this juicy, red-meat political news ripe for discussion, what do you think was the top “political” topic of this pundit Sunday? I know, I know, why do we even bother asking?”

– from American Politics Journal (which has LINKS to all of the above stories). They run down all the usual offenders.

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