The Iraq war continues to be fought on the cheap.  No sacrifice for the wealthy. Just more and more tax cuts. Tax monies and supplies needed to maintain USA’s infrastructure were transferred to Iraq. This policy directly resulted in the destruction of most of New Orleans, a thousand deaths and increased costs for gasoline.

Iraq’s Civil War is starting. Continued occupation by “shot first and ask questions later” Western Christian soldiers will only accelerate the collapse of Iraq. The only question is when will full civil war explode and bring in the neighboring countries on opposing sides. A shut off of Iranian and Saudi oil supplies will make the Gulf Coast oil shut down feel like small change.

The incompetence and mendacity of the Bush Administration after five years is known fact. The real question is why has the Democratic Party completely failed to provide alternative plans to rally Americans to a reality based solution in the Middle East. Instead only Blogs like this one or Juan Coles’ Informed Comment discuss half hearted solutions.  Can the US Military Presence Avert Civil War?

The fact is if the USA continues on its current path it faces defeat and collapse of its economy from an Middle East oil shutdown in a few short years. Immediate US withdrawal will not stop the Sunni’s insurrection nor their drive to regain power. Instead it will accelerate the collapse to civil war. The only alternative is a fixed time table for US withdrawal and replacement with a regional/UN peacekeeper forces, defacto partition and a political settlement. A bloody alternative but it may prevent the destruction of the Iranian and Saudi oil fields.  Yet, not one politician or media pundit is proposing a realistic solution to the USA’s sandy quagmire.

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