For those of you here who missed it, BooMan contributed an important diary to dKos the other day, a response to a complaint by Kos that (as Phil Ochs wrote in another context) “demonstrations are a drag”–and to other developments on dKos over the last year.

It’s an important statement about both the Daily Kos and BooMan Tribune (BooMan even talks a little about why he started this blog), and I think it’s worthwhile for anyone here to go over and take a look.
Now, I don’t agree with BooMan completely.  Some of the things Kos says do have validity, in my opinion.  On The Daily Show Jon Stewart poked fun at the demonstrators for the same things–basically, that many on the left try to take advantage of single-issue demonstrations like the one last weekend to promote other agendas.  But I am becoming more and more uncomfortable with dKos (if you are interesed, I posted a diary over there explain a little bit of why).  

dKos is not a community-driven site.  Decisions on its focus do come from the top, though we Kossacks do have some imput.

BooMan could provide the same sort of “direction” here but, so far as I know, has not–to date.

It’s a relief to hear his views, for it makes clear that he is aware of the danger.  That awareness will, I believe, keep him from falling into the traps set by the possibility of “control.”

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