I recorded it on my IPod, so the transcript is accurate.  It was a takedown of the Tom Delay defense…  I was Oscar from Detroit…  (for the record, I’m Mike from Albany, but Hannity doesn’t like me, so I have to use some subterfuge…)

context:  the caller previous was a Marine from Wilmington

flip for the transcript:

Hannity:  Detroit Michigan, JR, Oscar on th eSean Hannity Show.  Hello.
Me:  Semper Fi to the Sergeant.  I spent four years in Cherry Point, North Carolina…
Hannity:  Yes Sir!
Me:  As a plane captain.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about Tom Delay.  He can spin all the paranoid conspiracy theories he wants about the whole world being out to get him, but we remember Tom Delay was repremanded by the Republican Ethics Committee last year and he’s got more offensive ethics charges facing him this year…  And him and that Jack Abromoff character, they wuz like peas and carrots…
Hannity:  Hey Oscar, I don’t have a lot of time in this segment, so let’s get right to the brass tacks here…  tell me specifically what he has done…  in this case.
Me:  He funnelled money from one organization to another organization, which is the same thing drug dealers do when they launder money.
Hannity:  Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  Do you have any evidence that Tom Delay funnelled money?
Me:  I expect to see evidence at the trial.  You don’t see that level of evidence in an indictment.
Hannity:  You don’t see any…  You don’t have any now.  You just want him to go down because you don’t like him politically, isn’t that true?
Me:  Was he reprimanded by the Republicans Ethics Committee last year?
Hannity:  (blowing a gasket)  I didn’t ask that!  Do you have any evidence except that you want him to go down because you disagree with him politically?  Do you have any evidence whatsoever?
Me:  YES!  Yes I do!
Hannity:  What?  What is it?
Me:  His character.  His character.  He’s got a history and record of ethics violations.
Hannity:  His Character.  OK.  You’re a liberal.  I don’t like your character.  Does that mean I should go and indict you?  
Me:  No.  I don’t have a record of ethics violations either…
Hannity:  Do you know how idiotic you sound?
Me:  Does he have a record of ethics violations, Sean?
Hannity:  I asked you if you had any evidence and your evidence is, “Well, I don’t like his character.”  You just don’t like his political views.  Admit it.
Me:  He’s got a history of ethics violations…  Why are you defending that?
Hannity:  I didn’t ask you that!  What evidence do you have.
Me:  Of this particular crime?  We’ll see it in court.
Hannity:  Nothing!  Repeat after me Mr. Liberal…  Nothing.
Me:  We’ll see it in court.
Hannity:  Nothing!
Me:  Take care Sean… I love your show.

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