The other day I posted a DIARY on an idea one of my friends in the Aggresive Progressives Yahoo! group came up with:

Taking it upon ourselves to finance some more Polling about impeaching bush.

She raised a few hundred dollars but many people were leary of donating to an “unkown group.”

Fortunately for neversurrender (the girl that came up with the idea) the leaders over at and got wind of the idea and here you go:

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Polling on Impeachment
Does the public favor an investigation into grounds for impeachment of President Bush? We have no way of knowing, because the pollsters aren’t asking. The After Downing Street coalition has begun collecting donations to hire mainstream professional pollsters to ask the questions that need to be asked.  It doesn’t take much money, but can have a tremendous impact.  Learn more and contribute here:
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Go there, then come back! I’ll still be waiting for you to click on.

And remember that you read it here on the Boo Trib first!
(Well? if you visited my last diary! lol)

Click on for some after thoughts…

Don’t think of impeachment as the answer… Or expect it to happen at this point. (Not enough Senators to make it happen now)

Remember that just asking the question is an extremely aggressive way to discredit all of the GOP whackjobs in office. It is a strong tool to use leading up to the 2006 and 2008 elections.

It creates a seed of doubt in peoples minds when the question gets polled, especially when the results are as good as the last Zogby Poll’s results on the impeachment question.

The more it is asked, the more the doubt grows.

Realistically, even if we were to start impeachment proceedings to day bush would likely finish out his term in office before there could be any results… But we can make his finishing out his term as miserable as possiple!

And huge Kudos to and for taking up the cause, and especially to neversurrender for taking the intitial action.

Be an Aggressive Progressive…

Lead from the rear, since it is plainly apparent that many that are supposed to be front and center in these fights are content to do very little.

Push your ideals hard… Rock the boat a lot.

Eventually someone should get the point.

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