Welcome back.
I put this series on hiatus last week rather than clutter the site during the march.  This week I have a couple of new things.      

Today I’ve posted a photo below of the frame I’ve added to my plein air painting from Sedona.  Seen below are before and after photos.  It was an inexpensive wooden photo frame from which I have removed the glass.  I think that it considerably enhances and completes the painting.  I’m actually surprised (and pleased) with the difference that an inexpensive frame has made.

I’ve mentioned a good source for reasonably priced gallery frames that is worth stating again.  http://www.pleinairframes.com/  Check out this very user-friendly site for its selection of frames.

I’ve been thinking of my next project and am considering the scene seen below.  It is in Sedona from my recent trip.  My son is seen frolicking along Oak creek with the famous red rocks in the background.  It is a very famous site and was the scene of a beer Japanese beer commercial the morning of that day.  Unfortunately we came too late to see the filming taking place.

We enjoyed walking in the shallows along the many large rocks across the stream.  Some of these rocks are seen in the photo.  The contrast of the desert country red buttes with the creek is striking.  I’ve been all over the southwest and have seen nothing like it.  Go there if you are in the area.  

I’m also considering a painting of the wonderful scenery from northwestern New Mexico with its green rolling hills and many junipers.  I’ll show a photo of that next week.  It’s the same scenery that inspired the painting below seen in volume 3 of this series.  

See you next week.

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