I just saw her. Even though she’s lost her cover thanks to the dastardly White House, she still wears her mask. She didn’t have the three teenagers with her. I think they’re hiding in the tree because they’re afraid of the noise from the high school football game about 10 blocks away. She snacked on some purple grapes and dog kibble and then ran off, probably to watch the teens.

Just so you know, she doesn’t like peanut butter sandwiches and — as often happens in families — her teenagers don’t like them either. All of the other coonies love peanut butter though. And they all adore those small dark Italian plums, but those are out of season now, sigh. I also feed the wild birds. We’ve been stopping at Wild Birds Unlimited on Highway 101. Their bird seed is so much nicer than what’s sold in grocery stores. We get the “Olympic Mix,” specially formulated for birds on the Olympic Peninsula. It attracts every kind of bird — from quails to blue jays. Which creatures of the wild do you feed and watch? . . .  O P E N    T H R E A D . . .

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