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Making ‘Terror’ CommonPlace and Legal [and guess what They won’t be called Terrorists] !!!

Florida Law Lets Citizens ‘Meet Force With Force’

MIAMI — Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State. Please avoid unnecessary arguments with locals. Starting today, they may be more inclined to shoot you — at least that’s essentially the message from a national gun-control organization as a Florida law goes into effect empowering people who feel threatened to use force, including firearms, to protect themselves.

As above states ‘Welcome To Florida’, only thing missing is ‘Make Sure You’re Wearing Your Spurs, Chaps and Cowboy Hat!

“It’s unlike any supposed self-defense statute in America,” said Peter Hamm, communications director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “It empowers people who are on edge and have violent tendencies to presume a situation is dangerous to them that may not be.”

And gives Reason to Playing Mr/Ms Mocho with a Deadly Weapon, quicker than fists or words To Make Point ‘You’re Tuff’!

Under a legal concept derived from English Common Law, known as the “Castle Doctrine,” it has been long held that people have the right to stand their ground if attacked in their home. Baxley, a Republican from Ocala, said the new legislation explicitly enshrined that principle in Florida statutes and extended the concept of a person’s “castle” to personal space in a car or anywhere else he or she is entitled to be.

Screw everyone Around me, you’re In My Immediate Turf and Subject to ‘Execution’ if I So Wish!

Previously under Florida law, people acting in self-defense outside their home or workplace were supposed to use any reasonable means at hand to escape the danger, including retreat. The new law says they can “meet force with force.”

New ‘Terrorists’ will be Born Daily but not be Called what they Really are, instead known as Up Standing Citizens [Will Medals Be Handed Out?]!

State Rep. Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood), one of the few lawmakers to vote against the bill, said she was worried it could turn the streets of Florida into a latter-day version of the Wild West.

“With this new law, people have an excuse to use guns and say it was in self-defense,” said Sobel. “If you get into an argument in traffic with somebody, you might assume he’s reaching for his gun, so I’ll get mine first.”

New ‘Reality’ Show ‘Quick Draw Civilians’, winners walk away with Prize!

“That’s just not what good people do,” LaPierre said. “It’s been proven that good people can use rational decisions about what’s necessary to save their life.”

LaPierre is still using those Meds and still giving Completely Idiotic Statements! There are Way too many Irresponsible Legal owners of Guns in this country [many being NRA members and using their guns against others], Hunters and Especially the Every Day Joes/Janes! How do I know, Years of Experiance of being around them listening and observing, and once labeled, in the military, as a Small Arms Expert.

To alert visitors and potential visitors, the organization is placing advertisements in newspapers in Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Britain, all major markets for Florida’s tourism industry, and plans to begin handing out leaflets to arriving passengers at Miami International Airport on Monday.

“In Florida, avoid disputes,” recommends the newspaper ad. “Use special caution in arguing with motorists on Florida roads.

“If someone appears to be angry with you, maintain to the best of your ability a positive attitude, and do not shout or make threatening gestures,” says the flier.

Make Sure You Pick Up This Ad Before Traveling To The Fun In The Sun State Of ‘Friendly[?]’ Florida!

His only concern, Colton said, is that some people might now wrongly interpret the law to mean that “if you bother me on the street, I can shoot you.”


Below are a few links to today’s, Sunday 10-02-2005, Charlotte Observer and a Local News Channel of the Ongoing ‘Wild West Show’ Here.
Check your Local Papers/TV News or surf the Net and check other localities, Small to Large, you’ll see Similar in All. So much for the ‘Intelligent Human Animal’ and Living in a ‘Civilized Society’, that quite Simply is Heading towards Collapse

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