This is fun.  I promise.  I think.

I’ve been reading the great “Are Americans war criminals” debate diaries and feeling kind of bad.  I’ve even felt compelled to jump in with my take here or there.  And that is no fun.  I am not much for conflict.  I know.  Strange trait for a lawyer.  But that’s why I’m in mid-career change, I suppose.  Also why I am at Booman Tribune, I suppose.

So, while I really think the ideas being discussed are important, I am hating the process.  And I thought of this diary as a way to 1) discuss the ideas further, 2) in a fun way, that will hopefully 3) unite us and not divide us (can’t believe I’m using his phrases).  Read on, if you’re interested.
I propose, in this diary, that we hypothetically put George W. Bush on trial for war crimes committed in Iraq.  We select a couple of brave souls to represent both sides.  I nominate Ductape Fatwa to prosecute the case, if he/she will accept.  And Booman to defend, not that Booman’s representation would in any way bind him to the cause he was forced to defend in his future life in elected or appointed office.  And not because Booman ever would believe in his client.  Just because he is an effective advocate who might just be able to save Bushie’s skin.

You all, will be jurors.  I’m posting a poll at the bottom, that will serve as a verdict form.  But, you cannot vote until midnight or afterward tonight.  You must keep an open mind.  And listen to all evidence and argument that might be presented before giving a verdict.

Oh, and I want to be the judge.  I promise I can be fair, despite my predisposition.  It is the whole Miers idea — we all want to be a judge, I tell you.  But the judge will play little role here.  Just to set parameters of the trial.

I know.  Kooky.  But, any distraction before the indictments is a good distraction.

Or, should I just delete this now?

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