Looking back at late 2005, it is difficult to believe how reviled George W Bush once was. After his xxxxxxxxxx episode, and the subsequent end of his presidency, one could only hope for him to simply disappear, fade away into nothingness, to have him dissolve completely, forgotten. His painful legacy had become all the more acute due to the attacks and revelations made by his closest personal allies whom he betrayed with such viscous clarity during the last months of his downfall.

But now, in Jerusalem, the new crossroads of modern civilization, the Global Peace City, sits the Ashram Bush. It is hard to imagine the healing process Mr Bush, now simply known as “the Texan,” shared with the world when he actually engaged the hard work of sorting out his life, his addictions, the cruelty heaped upon him as a child, and the destruction and pain which he sowed as an adult.

Even more strange, looking at history, is the fact that after completing an actual twelve-step program, and making amends with the entire planet, he went on to question the absolute power of one god of knowable will, and embraced all beliefs, and all people. His complete rejection of any marginalization of any person astounded all. His successful pleas to the current administration to release those imprisoned for the fascist propaganda which enabled his pre-enlightenment tyrannical rule has improved our society greatly.

And his ability to broker the peaceful establishment of Jerusalem as a symbolic Global City of Peace shall remain one of the great human achievements.

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