I’m generally not one to put much time and energy into conspiracy theories but lately certain paths have crossed and I’m beginning to think there somehow is a connection between Osama bin Laden and Karl Rove. The parallels are too similar not to be.

Yeah, one is tall and swarthy, the other dumpy and pasty white but follow me here:
The 9/11 tragedy occurs and President Bush sonorously intones that ‘we will search for and destroy those involved.’

Bush later states that ‘we will smoke ’em out and take ’em dead or alive.’

Then there is a long period of time with no mention of bin Laden.

Then Bush adopts a maybe we will catch him, maybe we won’t, shoulder-shrugging attitude.

Now, it’s Osama who?

As for Rove (or so we presently pray and offer animal sacrifices), it was Bush firing on all cylinders adamantly claiming he would fire anyone who leaked anything.

Then he was going to damn well roast any one convicted of leaking.

Soon after, Bush vehemently claimed that nobody in his administration ever exposed themselves taking a leak. This was announced late on a Friday and missed the news cycle.

Then, it shifted to the tune that Bush would absolutely consider giving a good spanking to anyone found guilty by the highest court in the land.

Lately, it’s been hold your horses, just let the investigation take place.

Is ‘Karl who’ just around the corner?

See the eerie parallels?

As done previously regarding the Bush administration associations with faux journalist but not so faux goodtime ‘boytoy’ Jeff Gannon and which-side-is-buttering-my-toast-today Ahmed Chalabi, will the Oval Office issue a statement that it was aware of someone named Rove roaming around the White House but thought he was the newly hired decorator?

My prediction: at the very most, the White House go so far as to ‘admit’ that Rove was a low-tier, flunky intern but that he and Bush never shared a cigar.

At the very least, White Housel Counsel Harriet Miers will advise that the Bush Administration cannot comment on any questions or concerns about Karl Rove because doing so would jeopardize national security and aid the terrorists.

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