Next time I think I’ll just slink off into a corner rather than expressing my opinions loudly and vocally… hmmm… on second thought, that would be boring and no one would talk to me. And since I’m such a narcissist, that would really suck. Big time.

Do we all need to agree here on BooTrib? Do we all need to have the same points of view? I sure as hell hope not, I didn’t move to Stepford did I?

No. We don’t. We don’t all need to support the Dems. Or support spiderleaf for dogcatcher (I figured that was as good a place as any to start, and since I am recently, ie today, unemployed I figured a change of scenery might be nice… be the change you seek and all…). But we do all need to support and embrace our community of misfits. If we don’t, who the hell else will? I don’t think we’ll be welcome at Freeperville or the Communist party blog or anything… and even if we were, are we better as a whole debating each other or fracturing off into ever smaller communities where we only reinforce each other without question? I know my answer. I stay. And I let y’all know when I disagree… but I do so respectfully (I didn’t rule out snark because how could I LIVE without it, but respect is another matter…) because I don’t have all the answers, no one does (unless you talk to God or Bill Gates directly, in which case drop me an email, maybe you can help me find a job…).

New members have joined. Members who aren’t necessarily used to our civility. ‘Older’ (I hate that term because I am still a spring chicken thank you very much!) members get cranky & pissed off. Oh well. Tell them about it. Everybody. No one is a sacred cow (except for Susan… sorry, but I draw a line somewhere…) Debate them the way you would like to be debated. Or walk away and don’t post… but whatever you do, do it with the knowledge that as a whole we can affect change, within ourselves and within others… alone we sit and scream at our TV’s. I pick together… always.

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