Sol Wisenberg on Chris Mathews had an interesting comment. He was asked what is Fitzgerald’s motivation. Wisenberg responded (and I am paraphrasing) that on the one hand he’s been appointed by a Republican Administration and he doesn’t want to offend them but he’s doing everything he can to make it …to dot all the I’s and cross the t’s.

The implication is what I have been suspecting (after a brief moment of possible weakness) that Fitzgerald is making it look like he’s doing a thorough investigation. But he may not be. He is sympathetic to the people who appointed him, Fitzgerald  is the godfather to Comey’s child. Comey appointed him. Comey once again works for Lockheed Martin, where Lynn Cheney was a board member and no doubt still retains influence there.

What do liberals say when and if there are no or few significant indictments?

They cannot say that Fitzgerald did not do a thorough job can they?

Let’s not be naive. Let’s take a real hard look at this guy before it’s too late to. Maybe he will indict maybe he won’t. Isn’t it better to have a better handle on who he actually is. I can find next to nothing but praise everywhere I look. It’s way to one-sided.

Fitzgerald has become the hero to all American liberals before he has even done anything.

There are no leaks everyone says. Who doees that benefit? It benefits Bush. Ken Starr didn’t have that problem. He showed where his sympathies were. Fitzgerald with no leaks maybe showing where his sympalthies lie.

If Fitzgerald is giving the appearance of doing a thorough job and he comes up with nothing, then we can say it was all for show? Can we say he  never intended to investigate and put any of his fellow Republicans in jail. The fact that he is registered as non-affiliated is irrelevant.

Something is not right about this investigation.

Fitzgerald has had two other Grand Juries operating in Illinois. There are lots of indictments.that did not take two years to surface.

I noted earlier that he has indicted a Republican governor of Illinois who was not beholden to George Bush and may have crossed Bush when he put a moratorium on the death penalty, which was a total embarrassment for Bush as a Republican.

There are a ton of indictments coming down on that Governor and his administration for nothing but typical politics.

The Daley administration in Chicago has a ton of indictments as well and they are all about the little fish turning in the bigger fish.

I read Raw Stories headlines about major developments in the case and they almost always turn out to be nothing of substance.

I am still very skeptical. I don’t know why there is almost no skepticism about Patrick Fitzgerald. His best friend James Comey works for an ultra right wing corporation, Lockheed Martin.

So many Republicans are saying what an honest, upright, non-partisan lawyer he is.

Again what do you say about him if this investigations turns up very little? Will you have been completely disarmed by your total endorsement of this man?

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